Personal info

Phone: +34 616-216-510
Email: [email protected]
Localization: Barcelona, Spain
Github: RubenRubioM
LinkedIn: Rubén Rubio Martínez


C++ Software Developer

Sep 2021 – Now | Full time

Developing software for the latests firmware versions of all their printers, from large format printers since home and personal printers arround the world.

· C++ 14: Programming language used for software development. Using CMake as its build system.
· Python: Used for testing, tools and task automatitation.
· GTest & GMock: Used for unit tests implementation in the project.
· Jira & Confluence: Tools used to manage the SCRUM flow development of the project.
· Git & Github: Tools used for versioning of the code.
· Flatbuffers: For the autogenerated code and data serialization.

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C++ Software Developer

Feb 2021 – Sep 2021 | 8 months | Full time

Working with C++ developing casino games using Atlassian suite to coordinate the tasks between the different members of the team.

Full Stack Engineer

Jun 2020 – Oct 2020 | 5 months | Internship

In this internship I developed a website to help the company to speed up their internal jobs. That included the full frontend of the web application and the backend to manage the DDBB. I used technologies such as: AngularJS, C#, EntityFramework and SQL.

Personal projects

Beast brawl logo
Beast Brawl

Beast Brawl is a PC videogame made as my final year project with other five teammates. The objective is to capture the main item and keep it for the longest time possible while other players try to st…

Bipedal walking memory cover
Bipedal Walking Genetic Algorithm

One of the goals in this project is to facilitate the understanding about one of the many fields in the artificial intelligence, genetic algorithms. The way to achieve this goal has been through the v…


Crates: Github repository: Easy_GA is a genetic algorithm library made for Rust projects. It provides full customization for you…


Shinobu is a videogame made for Amstrad CPC using Z80 assembly and with the CPCtelera library. This project was highly related to optimize every piece of memory due to the Amstrad CPC limitation of 16…

Spark engine logo
Spark Engine

Spark Engine is a graphic engine made from scratch using C++ 17 and OpenGL. Spark Engine has the ability to render 3D and 2D objects and its main object is to be used for videogames and graphics shows…

The shadow overtakes you game
The Shadow Overtakes You

The Shadow Overtakes You is a gamejam project done for the Global GameJam. It is a 2D top-down videogame where the player has to exit the mine as fast as possible to advance to next levels. While play…

Twitch loot auto clicker icon
Twitch Loot Auto-Clicker

Twitch Loot Auto-Clicker is a browser extension to improve the experience while using This extensions find where do you have points avaliable to collect in a twitch channel and auto click t…


  • Multimedia Engineering Degree: University of Alacant (2016-2020)
  • Spanish: Native
  • English: B2 First Cambridge
  • Catalan: Medium level