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Hello rustaceans! The version 1.1.0 for Easy_GA crate is finally out! As always you can find the repository in Github and the crate in

The full CHANGELOG is avaliable in


  • Added benchmarks. You can run benchmarks using cargo bench. The benches are all inside benches/.
  • Added logger feature to get information about the execution.
  • Added logger::VerbosityLevel to filter the output.
  • Added logger::VerbosityType to choose between only LOG, SAVE and LOG_AND_SAVE.


The logger is a very usefull tool to measure and retrieve some data from the execution. By default the logger is disabled, you can enable it this way:

use easy_ga::VerbosityLevel; // Verbosity level {DISABLED, LOW, MID, HIGH}
use easy_ga::VerbosityType; // Verbosity type {LOG, SAVE, LOG_AND_SAVE}
use easy_ga::LOG_verbosity; // Sets the verbosity level.
use easy_ga::LOG_verbosity_type; // Sets the verbosity type.

LOG_verbosity(VerbosityLevel::LOW); // VerbosityLevel::DISABLED by default
LOG_verbosity_type(VerbosityType::LOG_AND_SAVE); // VerbosityType::LOG by default
  • VerbosityLevel:
    • DISABLED: The logs are disabled.
    • LOW: Only very usefull information.
    • MID: Maybe not to desired information but also usefull.
    • HIGH: All logs are avaliable including tracing logs.
  • VerbosityType:
    • LOG: Only terminal logs.
    • SAVE: Saves the logs into target/tmp/.
    • SAVE_AND_LOG: Both.


Benchmarking was added in the version 1.1.0 and you can run them donwloading the repository and running cargo bench from the command-line. The benchmarks are placed inside the benches/ folder.


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